Department 4: Organization and Human Resources

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Department 4 Organization and Human Resources supports all employees of the University of Wuppertal in all areas of personnel management including budgeting for Human Resources. The department is responsible for the personnel development of administrative and technical employees and functions as the point of contact regarding general organisational matters.

Additional services

Structure of Department 4 Organization and Human Resources

Department 4 Organization and Human Resources is led by Ms Sabine Heinrich and is divided into four sections and two staff units.

Head of Department 4

→ Please click here: Personnel development for administrative and technical employees

Central point of contact regarding appointment procedures:

Advisor for appointment procedures

4.1.1 - Economic matters of the employees, absences
→ Please click here: Section 4.1.1

4.2.1 - General policies
→ Please click here: Section 4.2.1

4.2.2 - Civil servants, deputy professors, visiting professors
→ Please click here: Section 4.2.2

4.3.1 - Administrative and technical employees, pay scales and job classifications
→ Please click here: Section 4.3.1

4.3.2 - Academic employees
→ Please click here: Section 4.3.2

4.3.3 - Academic employees, general policies
→ Please click here: Section 4.3.3

4.3.4 - Student assistants, temporary lecturers, guest lectures and colloquia
→ Please click here: Section 4.3.4

4.4.0 - Project digitalization Department 4

4.4.1 - Staff and budgeting, organisation, recruiting
→ Please click here: Section 4.4.1

4.4.2 - IT coordination

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