Dezernat 4: Organisation und Personal

Operational Integration Management (OIM)

The Operational Integration Management (OIM) is implemented in § 167 section 2 of the Ninth Book of the German Social Security Code (SGB IX).

According to the aforementioned regulation and as an employer, the University of Wuppertal is obliged to offer OIM to all employees (TV-L) and civil servants if they, uninterruptedly or repeatedly, have been unable to work for a period of more than six weeks within a year. This period includes all days of inability to work, stays at convalescent homes and rehabilitation measures. Days of absence in the case of illness of child are not included.

Employees concerned are contacted automatically by members of Section 4.1.1.

The implementation of the procedure as well as the disclosure of diagnoses and causes of inability to work are absolutely voluntary. Non-participation will not result in any consequences in terms of personnel law.

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